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FAQ – Quebec Business Class

Quebec Business Class FAQ’s

Who would be considered to be a business immigrant?

Business immigrants are the people who have the financial stability to invest in an existing business or start up a new business in the country. These are the people who are expected to contribute what they can for the development of the Canadian economy, making it strong and prosperous. The aim of the Business Immigration Program is to attract the candidates who have experience in running a business to the country as Quebec accepts the applications of those candidates who have the ability to contribute in adding to the economy of Canada.

Who are in the two classes of the business immigrants?

Investors and the entrepreneurs are in the two classes of the business immigrants.

Can an applicant apply under both the two classes of the business immigrants at the same time?

An applicant can apply only under a single class, either as an investor or an entrepreneur.

Will I be able to change the class I have applied in after the submission of my application?

No, you will not be able to change the class under which you have applied after the submission of your application.

What should I know about the application fee if a candidate is applying under the Business Administration?

All the fees that the government has to charge must be submitted with the submission of the application. There are two basic application fees that a person will have to pay when they apply for immigration to Quebec, which is set by the government of Canada. The two fees are:

      • Processing Fees
      • Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)

What are the required documents that a candidate has to provide to support his or her application?

The documents required in addition to the application form as the statutory documents are:

      • Passport
      • Birth certificate
      • Marriage certificate
      • Education related documents
      • Documents which prove that you have had a business
      • Documents showing that you have had some kind of managerial experience.
      • Documents which evidence the net worth of the applicant.

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