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Quebec Immigrations


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Quebec Immigration actually means having the access or having the right to the average personal security, being stable economically, having the employment opportunities, getting healthcare, quality education and a considerably well standard of living. Every year, the province gets over 50,000 immigrants from all over the world. The provincial government has a contract with the government of Canada and on basis of that; they can apply their own rules for the selection of their immigrants.

Our Quebec Immigration Programs

Skilled Worker Program

The candidates picked by the Quebec Skilled Worker Program would then be issues with a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) after which the candidate would be able to get Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

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Business visa
Self Employed Program

The Quebec province has exceptional migration procedures, regulations, and guidelines. The migrants who are applying in province Quebec might be qualified for one of the accompanying migration programs

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Study visa
PEQ International Graduates

For the people who have previously worked or studies in Quebec, the Quebec Experience Class is the best possible program to migrate under. The Quebec Experience Class has two categories.

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Family Visa

Quebec, being the second most populated province of Canada, is accommodating such a large number of people. the province as it is one that provides facilities to the immigrants and to their families as well.

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Visitor Visa
Temporary Foreign Worker

There are some people who have previously worked or studied in Quebec. These people are eligible to apply under this program. This program intends to bring such people into the province who have skills to do a job and to meet the certain conditions like having an advanced intermediate knowledge in French

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Investor Immigration

Under the Quebec Immigration Investor Program, the applicants who are entrepreneurs, investors or self employed can apply, with the intention to stay and work with in the province. The candidates, would receive a Quebec Selection Certificate after they are able to fulfill the criteria

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PNP (Provincial Nominee)

The Quebec Provincial Nominee Program selection system selects the candidates for Quebec immigration who have shown their abilities and skills and proven themselves able to be economically established in the province.

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Post Landing Immigration Service
Frequently Asked Question

People who are willing to migrate to Quebec under the professional or personals reasons think of Quebec as a place which is one of the best places to be. There could some common questions, You can read here.

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Frequently Asked Question – Quebec Immigration

Could my application be handled and processed sooner?

Applications are basically processed in the order they are gotten plus there is a little extension to process applications prior. In case that you believe you have compassionate and compelling reasons that why your application ought to be processed and handled before if it’s not too much trouble give a written explanation to your case officer sketching out those conditions. It ought to be noticed that as a general arrangement and policy, conditions, for example, work in Australia; pregnancy; schooling for youngsters; separation from your accomplice or selling your house isn’t viewed as compassionate or compelling

What documents would it be a good idea for me to give proof of marital status and identity?

You ought to give certified and ensured copies of the standard archives of identity that are necessary in your nation of birth (or the residence, where applicable), which should be converted into English in case that they are not actually in English already. If accessible in your nation, you might likewise give international or multilingual civil status records, (for instance death, marriage, birth certificates) giving English is among the dialects on the record. Some of the European nations will likewise give a concentrate of the population enlist register rather than a birth declaration, plus this is acceptable in case that it incorporates details or subtleties of your parents, and is made an interpretation of into English. You ought to incorporate certified and ensured copies of your profile information page of passport or travel record. It will be perfect if you warranty the copies are high-class color copies.

Does my Life partner or spouse could work on a partner Visa in Quebec?

Yes, Visa of the partner enables the holder actually to work in Quebec

Could my accomplice apply for a visa of prospective marriage in Quebec?

No, you should be outside of Quebec in order to lodge a visa for prospective marriage.

Could my mate Work on an accomplice visa in Quebec?

Yes, visa of the partner enables the holder in order to work in Quebec.

Would I be able to incorporate my youngsters in my application?

Typically yes you could. Yet, diverse visas to Quebec have distinctive prerequisites plus one answer doesn’t apply to all circumstances.

The necessities and limitations on Quebec visas vary contingent upon the visa for which you are basically applying. Thus do the expenses. You ought to talk about your individual circumstance with one of our skilled experts.

Is it workable for my accomplice to apply for the visa of prospective marriage in Quebec?

No, you should be outside of Quebec to hold up and lodge for the visa of prospective marriage.

Would we be able to apply for a de facto partner visa, in case that I lived alongside my spouse for ten Months?

To be conceded a partner de facto visa you require live alongside your partner for around a year

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Out of the thirteen provinces in Canada, Quebec is the largest one. It is mainly famous for two things, it’s delicious food and its being second on the list of most populous provinces of Canada…


If you are eager to migrate to Canada, then you best choice may be Quebec. The French dominated province of Canada, the language is not the thing that is stopping…

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One of the world’s favorite places to immigrate to is the capital province of Canada, Quebec. Quebec has a lot of benefits that the applicants could possibly hope for…


When a person wishes to migrate to Quebec, his or her eligibility is checked under the Quebec immigration point system…


The Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the QSWP is among the most popular programs that Canada has for immigration. Every year, almost around a thousand immigrants apply..

Business visa

The applicants who are skilled enough to run a business or have some kind of skill that would let them work from home as an entrepreneur, invest in or own a business are to migrate to the capital province under this program…


People who are willing to migrate to Quebec under the professional or personals reasons think of Quebec as a place which is one of the best places to be. This is majorly because of the unique process of immigration…

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People who are willing to migrate to Quebec under the professional or personals reasons think of Quebec as a place which is one of the best places to be. There could some common questions, You can read here.

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