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Canada Family Sponsorship Visa

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Canada Family Sponsorship Visa


Significant mandates of Canada’s immigration department are family reunification. Thus, it permits permanent residents or the Canadian natives of around 18 years old are qualified to sponsor the accompanying relatives:


  • Grandchildren
  • Grandparents
  • Sisters and brothers
  • Parents
  • Dependent children
  • Conjugal partner, common-law partner, and spouse
  • Different relatives (i.e., an orphaned nephew or niece).


Under the accompanying classifications, these relatives could be sponsored (every classification has its very own set of prerequisites) of the Canada Sponsorship Visa contingent upon their qualification:


  • Family sponsor visa
  • Provincial Family-based nominee visa
  • Grandparent and parent super visa
  • Dependent visa
  • Conjugal partner visa, common-law partner, Spouse


According to the law of Canada Family Sponsorship, no base salary is required for sponsoring your Conjugal partner, common-law or Spouse, except if the partner or spouse has the dependent youngsters. Canadian residents who are not living in Canada could likewise sponsor their conjugal partner, common law or spouse.


Through Visa of Canada Family Sponsorship, a person could be sponsored as your spouse in case that individual is wedded to you. If a common-law partner needs to be sponsored, then that individual and you should have lived together in a matrimonial relationship for somewhere around one year, plus your association with that individual is proceeding, even though you are for the time being living apart. To be qualified to sponsor a marital accomplice under the Visa of Canada Family Sponsorship dwelling outside Canada, a matrimonial association should be maintained with him for around one year, which implies you have been in an equal and committed interdependent relationship of certain permanence.


Visa Qualification of Canada Family Sponsorship:


  • The sponsor requires to exhibit their capacity to monetarily support the relatives being sponsored amid their initial stay period (fluctuates amid 3 to 10 years).
  • Laws of Canada Family Sponsorship request the sponsor to give documents demonstrating his or her finances from the previous year to migration, (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada. thus they could decide whether the sponsor can fiscally support the individuals he or she is sponsoring.
  • The sponsor plus the individual who is being sponsored under the visa of Canada Sponsorship requires to consent and sign on a contract that affirms that they comprehend their mutual commitments and obligations.
  • According to the guidelines of Canada Family Sponsorship, signature required by the sponsor on an undertaking promising to accommodate the essential requirements of the relatives they are sponsoring.
  • Your relatives could be the permanent residents in Canada via Canada Family Sponsorship, plus they could work, study and live in Canada.


DSV Consultancy gives an extensive variety of legal services universally, together with legal consultation, education, and immigration. By conveying most recent and thorough immigration services and advice to SME entrepreneurs, families and individuals around the world, our migration services are intended to equip our customers with comprehensive information empowering them to settle on informed choices.

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